The Cocktail Surprise - OUT OF STOCK
Created by Pete Biro and Joe Porper

It’s not a Chop Cup, but it thinks it is! 

New... Combination Cup and Ball Routine with beautiful Mini Cocktail Shaker that has a Liquid Kicker Finish   You are supplied with a beautiful, stainless steel, Mini Cocktail Shaker, just like those used for mixing Martinis. It has been specially modified with a secret compartment to pour out liquid for the kicker finish. And a “one-of-a-kind,” two-piece, Porper Wand, the balls, shot glass, custom case and a carry bag. Eight pages of color photos with several routines and ideas are included.

The routine has several features like a Chop Cup, and more. Imagine a Chop Cup action with an examinable cup. It won’t work in the spectator’s hands, but will for the magician.   Perfect for the bar magician or the table hopper, can be done up close.